Embracing New Horizons: Understanding the Motivations for Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

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When it comes to serving in prestigious institutions like the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force, the decision to leave can be both significant and deeply personal. The reasons for making this transition vary widely and often reflect a desire for new challenges, personal growth, and the opportunity to apply military skills in a civilian context.

People leave their military service at different times, some decide to leave after completing their minimum contract term which is typically 4 years, whilst others stay to do 22 years and more.

These are five reasons why people leave:

  1. Pursuing Further Education and Skill Development: Many individuals choose to leave the military to pursue further education and develop new skills that can be utilised in the civilian workforce. This transition provides an opportunity to expand one's horizons and explore new career paths that may not have been available in the military.

  2. Seeking a Change of Lifestyle: The military lifestyle can be demanding, with frequent relocations, long periods away from family, and strict regimentation. Some individuals decide to leave the military in search of a more stable and predictable lifestyle that allows them to put down roots and spend more time with loved ones.

  3. Exploring Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The discipline, leadership, and strategic planning skills developed in the military can be highly valuable in the world of entrepreneurship. Some individuals opt to leave the military to start their own businesses, bringing their unique perspective and skills to the commercial world.

  4. Pursuing Passion Projects or Volunteer Work: For others, leaving the military provides an opportunity to pursue passion projects, charitable work, or other forms of volunteerism that align with their personal values and interests.

  5. Applying Military Skills in the Civilian Workforce: Many veterans successfully transition into civilian roles that leverage the skills and experience gained during their military service. Whether in project management, logistics, engineering, security, or other fields, the qualities instilled in military service are often highly sought after by civilian employers.

The decision to transition from a military career to a civilian one is a significant step that can open up a world of new opportunities. The skills, discipline, and experiences gained in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force can provide a solid foundation for success in the civilian workforce, where veterans continue to make valuable contributions.

As for me, Adrian Cheesman, I decided to leave after completing 24-years service in the Royal Signals to pursue a new challenge in setting up a recruitment agency with the sole focus of connecting employers across the UK with the very best engineering and technical talent leaving the Armed Forces; Demob Job, see www.DemobJob.co.uk


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