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By accessing the website and its services, users consent to the following terms and conditions, and any other accompanying terms.


“”, “Company”, “Website”, “Site”, “We”, “Our” means Demob Job Ltd trading as registered in England and Wales under the company number 6494138. The registered office is located at Unit 102, South Shields Business Works, Henry Robson Way, Station Road, South Shields, Tyne and Wear NE33 1RF.

“Recruiter” means any person, company, recruitment agency, employment business or organisation that has set up an account on for the purposes of finding candidates either for their own jobs or as an agent acting on behalf of any other company or organisation.

“Jobseeker” means an individual who has registered or is using for the purposes of finding a job.

“User” means jobseeker or recruiter.


  1. The Website offers information and services exclusively for individual jobseekers seeking job opportunities and recruiters. Any unauthorised use, replication, display, or dissemination of content from the Website constitutes a significant breach of these terms. In cases of such breaches by any user, we reserve the right to halt services without notice. Furthermore, we may temporarily disable services if unauthorised usage is suspected.
  2. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights and database rights, concerning the Website and its content are owned either by or our third-party providers. Access to the Website does not confer proprietary rights to users over these materials.
  3. The usage of this Website also implies agreement to our Privacy Policy.
  4. Users should note that this platform functions as a portal and does not directly connect jobseekers with recruiters or vice-versa. Specifically, we do not:
    1. Verify the identity or qualifications of a jobseeker.
    2. Confirm the legal and other requirements for a job position.
    3. Assess the suitability or unsuitability of jobseekers for any given role.
    4. Propose jobseekers to recruiters or share specific details about them.
    5. Source references about a jobseeker.
    6. Verify the accuracy of any content which is posted.
  5. All users of this website acknowledge that there is no guarantee to securing employment or finding suitable candidates to fill a vacancy.  For confirmation we do not guarantee that a jobseeker will find employment, or for an employer, recruitment agency or any other organisation find a suitable employee.
  6. The primary function of this site is to assist individuals in finding employment opportunities after they have completed their military service in the UK Armed Forces; Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. Users may only print, download, or use the site's information for this purpose. Unauthorised use or processing of the site's information is considered a violation of these terms.
  7. does not confirm the identity of any jobseeker or user.
  8. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights and database rights on the website, belong to or its third-party affiliates. Using the website does not grant users any rights to these materials.
  9. These terms describe the agreement between and users accessing career services offered on the platform, including mobile applications. If you disagree with these terms, refrain from using the website.
  10. Users should be aware that serves as a platform and does not facilitate introductions between recruiters and jobseekers. Thus, users are encouraged to undertake due diligence to ascertain their suitability or the validity of job postings.
  11. We handle CVs and other personal data following our Privacy Policy. Although our database services may be accessed globally, data protection and security remain a priority.Our aim is to be a reliable career partner throughout your post-military journey. Both registered and unregistered users can access certain services.


  12. The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 aims to ensure that recruiters receive relevant candidates. As acts only as a platform and does not recommend jobseekers to recruiters, it is advisable for jobseekers to conduct due diligence as per the Regulations.  This would include, but is not limited to, verifying the recruiter's identity and business type, understand the job role, its start date, nature, location, working hours, potential health hazards, and prerequisites such as experience, skills, qualifications, and any legal requirements.
  13. Your Account Registration.
    1. Account registration unlocks advanced features. By activating your account, you agree to these terms.
    2. Users can build a comprehensive profile which may be accessed by recruiters, depending on visibility settings. It’s vital to regularly update the profile to reflect the most accurate and recent information.
    3. It is essential to keep your login details secure and report any unauthorised access immediately.
    4. If your profile is set to 'searchable', you give permission for recruiters to access and view your profile details along with your CV. You can make changes in your account settings anytime.
    5. You can configure job notifications to be sent via email by adjusting your settings in “My job alert”. If you wish to discontinue these alerts, modify your settings or use the provided unsubscribe link in each notification.
    6. After registering and consenting, you may receive job notifications through instant messages or emails.


  14. Recruiters are prohibited from reselling any Services without the explicit written consent of
  15. To access the Services, Recruiters must establish an account. commits to offering these Services in line with these Terms.
  16. Job Listings
    1. When a Recruiter shares a job opening on the Site, they provide the authorisation to publish such a listing.
    2. may introduce software integration options, including but not limited to Broadbean and Logic Melon, for Recruiters to share job openings. The availability of these integrations can be altered or ceased at any given time at our discretion.
    3. Regardless of the method of job listing submission - be it directly, through third-party software, or duplicated from a designated source - the Recruiter holds responsibility for the content. They will shield from any potential claims, losses, liabilities, costs, or damages tied to the listing.
    4. Job listings remain live for a set time period, typically 28 days. Recruiters have the flexibility to choose an earlier closing date. After the listing period ends, relisting the job will depend on the type of account the recruiter has purchased.
    5. does not assure any specific response to your job listing or guarantee that the respondents will be suitable for the advertised position.
  17. Guidelines for Job Listings.  The subsequent guidelines are applicable to all Job Listings and any other services that may introduce. These guidelines aim to ensure that recruiters receive relevant applications and that job seekers experience equitable and secure interactions.
  18. Mandatory Information for Job Listings:
    1. Recruiters must provide comprehensive, accurate details regarding the job, such as:
      1. Recruiter's identity and business nature.
      2. Detailed job description, role expectations, start date, expected tenure, work hours, location, salary details, payment frequency, and available benefits.
    2. Job applications can be directed in two ways:
      1. Through an email from
      2. Via a direct application link provided in the job listing, leading to the recruiter's website. Recruiters can specify their preferred method while creating the job listing.
  19. When a recruiter chooses email-based applications, they receive the CV and other personal details shared by the job seeker. In such cases, the recruiter assumes full responsibility as the sole Data Controller as referred to in GDPR. They are expected to abide by data protection norms as if they obtained the information directly from
  20. Recruiters bear the responsibility to verify all data provided by job seekers, including their identity, qualifications, experience, eligibility to work, affiliations, and other related credentials. does not vouch for the authenticity of application data and offers no guarantees regarding its accuracy.
  21. All interactions post the job application, between the recruiter and the applicant, lie solely under the purview of the recruiter. bears no accountability in these interactions. Recruiters agree to shield against any liabilities arising from these dealings.
  22. Replicating job listings is prohibited.
  23. Contact details, including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, or URLs, should not be part of the job description. Job seekers should be directed to use the designated 'Apply Now' button. This button facilitates applications through or redirects to the recruiter’s site.
  24. Job titles and descriptions must be transparent, without excessive keyword stuffing that could compromise the listing's clarity.
  25. All job listings should represent genuine, bona fide opportunities. Postings for non-existent positions, pyramid strategies, franchise openings, or other non-job-related offers are forbidden. At no point should recruiters ask for a fee from job seekers for processing applications.
  26. Recruiters should promptly remove listings once the position is filled or becomes void.
  27. If a job listing redirects to the recruiter's site for applications, the link should be active for the job post's entire duration.
  28. Recruiters pledge adherence to all relevant legislation, specifically: the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Equality Act 2010.
  29. Vacancies presented to the Site should align with the Employment Code of Practice outlined by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.
  30. The Recruiter agrees not to introduce to any job posting material that infringes copyright, is illicit, slanderous, harmful, misleading, violent, discriminatory, crude, or sexually explicit, or which could negatively impact the standing of or its associated platform.
  31. If the Recruiter operates as an employment agency or business, it must adhere to both the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Businesses Regulations 2003 and the Employment Agencies Act 1973. This applies to all job listings on the Site, interactions with candidates, and the management of applicant information. Any non-compliance will require the Recruiter to indemnify against potential Losses.
  32. Vacancies that entail potential health and safety threats to applicants should only be listed if the Recruiter transparently communicates these risks, along with measures adopted to mitigate them.
  33. The Recruiter acknowledges their sole accountability for any adverse outcome arising from engaging an applicant and commits to absolve of any related Losses.
  34. The Recruiter is obliged to ensure the advertised position will not harm or exploit the potential candidate they intend to hire.
  35. retains the prerogative to edit or remove any job listing at its discretion. For clarity regarding the alteration or removal of a Job Post, please reach out to
  36. We strive to uphold the high quality and consistency of the platform, it is worth noting that the nature of the internet means it is not always fully stable. There might be occasional errors, omissions, or service disruptions. We are not liable for any such interruptions, and there is no ongoing commitment for us to maintain the website or ensure the availability of certain services. The specifications of the website might evolve and change without prior notice.
  37. We cannot guarantee that our platform will always lead to applications, responses, or definite outcomes, nor can we guarantee any service will invariably result in successful job placements. If encounters situations beyond our reasonable control that prevent us from delivering our services, this will not be considered a breach of these terms.
  38. It is imperative for clients to ensure their devices are safeguarded against potential online threats such as viruses and malware. If you encounter issues with our website, please contact us at
  39. The Recruiter provides with a non-exclusive, global, royalty-free license throughout the duration of the Agreement, allowing the use of the Customer's name, trademarks, and logos.  This is to help us deliver our Services and for promotional activities in our marketing materials, which might include websites, logos, and other platforms.
  40. Pricing.  To view our current pricing models please visit our website selecting the ‘Agencies & Employers’ tab or email
  41. Violation of Agreement to these Terms and Conditions
    1. If the Recruiter significantly or repeatedly fails to uphold these Terms, retains the right, aside from other potential remedies, to terminate the Recruiter’s account, along with any agreements or services, effective immediately.
  42. Jurisdiction and Governing Law
    1. The interpretation, execution, and potential disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions will be under the purview of English law.
    2. All legal actions, proceedings, or disputes that might arise from or relate to these Terms and Conditions will be exclusively addressed by the courts in England. Both parties unreservedly agree to the jurisdiction of these courts.
    3. Should a Recruiter present a claim against for any reason, the extent of accountability (if established) shall be confined to the fee remitted or to be remitted by the Recruiter for the provided Services.
    4. At no point will bear responsibility for any subsequent, indirect, or extraordinary damages arising in any manner, or for losses tied to profits, revenue, interest, goodwill, business operations, or savings, whether those losses are direct or indirect.

    All Users

  43. The agreement with you regarding your user account and the services provided under these terms is for a fixed term unless you voluntarily request us to delete your account. Either party may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect and without cause.
  44. We may make changes to these terms and conditions and therefore encourage you to review them frequently.
  45. reserves the right to expand, modify, or discontinue any of its Services at its own discretion.
  46. By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to create a trustworthy environment for both recruiters and jobseekers on

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