Building Success: How Ex-Military Personnel Are Constructing New Careers in the Civilian Sector

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Introduction: The transition from military to civilian life is a significant journey, and for many ex-military personnel, the construction sector offers a promising new frontier. With skills gained in some of the most challenging environments, these individuals bring a wealth of experience and attributes that are highly sought after in the construction industry. This article explores how the Royal Engineers and other military roles translate into civilian construction careers, the natural fit of ex-military personnel in both hands-on and management roles, and how serves as a vital bridge connecting these skilled veterans with potential employers. 

1. Royal Engineers to Civil Construction: A Seamless Transition. The Royal Engineers, known as the 'Sappers,' are renowned for their expertise in various trades crucial to construction and engineering. Skills acquired in areas like carpentry, electrical engineering, plumbing, and surveying directly translate to civilian roles. From building infrastructure to demolition and even specialised fields like water supply and bridge construction, the breadth of experience in the Royal Engineers equips veterans with a robust foundation for careers in the commercial construction sector. 

2. Versatile Roles: Hands-On and Managerial Fit. Ex-military personnel are not just suited for 'hands-on' roles; their leadership experience and structured approach to project execution make them excellent candidates for managerial positions, including project management. They understand the importance of timelines, resource allocation, and precise execution, making them adept at overseeing construction projects from inception to completion. Their ability to lead teams, manage logistics, and ensure safety standards further enhance their suitability for supervisory roles in construction. 

3. Attributes Aligned with Construction Sector Needs. The construction sector demands resilience, adaptability, and a 'can-do' attitude, all hallmarks of military service. Ex-military personnel are known for their strong work ethic, problem-solving capabilities, and ability to work under pressure — traits that are invaluable in the fast-paced and often unpredictable construction environment. Their disciplined approach to work and inherent leadership qualities contribute to higher standards of efficiency and safety on the construction site. 

4. A Growing Talent Pool Across the UK. As ex-military personnel settle into civilian life across the UK, they form a growing talent pool of highly skilled individuals ready to contribute to the construction sector. Their geographical spread ensures that employers in various regions can access this rich reservoir of potential employees, helping to address skill shortages and bring fresh perspectives to local construction projects. 

5. Connecting Military Talent with the Construction Industry. stands at the forefront of this transition, serving as the chosen online platform within the UK for employers in the construction sector looking to tap into this unique and valuable workforce. The site provides a specialised portal where military job seekers can find opportunities that leverage their skills and where employers can advertise to a targeted audience that understands the value of military experience. With a focus on matching the right candidates with the right roles, is helping to reshape the future of ex-military employment and the construction industry. 

Summary: The construction sector offers a promising landscape for personnel who have served in the Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force who are seeking to build new careers in the civilian (civvy) world. With relevant skills, invaluable attributes, and a growing presence across the UK, these individuals are ready to make a substantial impact. For employers looking to harness this potential, provides the perfect platform to connect with this skilled and disciplined workforce. Together, they are constructing a new future, building success one project at a time. 

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