Meet Adrian Cheesman: The Military Experience Behind

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Introduction: Every venture starts with a story, and is no different. At the heart of this specialised ex-military job board is me, Adrian Cheesman, a veteran with a vision to bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment. In this blog I share my journey from military service to business startup, highlighting the experiences that shaped and how it's helping ex-military personnel transition to civilian careers. 

Military Background: I previously served 24-years in The Royal Corps of Signals leaving my Army career in 2005. My last five years in uniform were spent in military recruitment both working inside an Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO), located in a city centre, and with young adults in the local community, introducing them to what life is like in the Armed Forces. During this time, I worked closely alongside other recruiters from the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. 

Identifying the Need: Throughout my military career, I witnessed many skilled colleagues struggle to translate their military experience into civilian terms. The challenge wasn't a lack of talent or work ethic but a disconnect between military service and civilian perception. Recognising this, I was inspired to create my first business called Demob Job ( which is, and still is, a leading ex-military recruitment agency specialising in connecting employers across the UK with the very best engineering talent leaving our Armed Forces. 

I was always conscious that my team and I at Demob Job were focused on the engineering and technical sectors and therefore not promoting the skills and abilities of others leaving their military career. I therefore decided to develop a job board where employers and recruitment agencies, operating in any industry sector, could advertise their vacancies in front of a growing audience of exceptional ex-forces job seekers. I also wanted a great catchy, short but rememberable name for my job board and I decided to call it, ‘Civvy’ being a military abbreviated term for ‘civilian’.  

Developing So, in essence, was born from a desire to provide a dedicated resource for both job-seeking veterans and employers. The platform is designed to highlight the unique skills, discipline, and leadership qualities that ex-military personnel offer, making it easier for employers to understand and appreciate the benefits of hiring veterans. 

Why Ex-Military Recruitment Matters: Veterans possess a wealth of skills that are highly transferable and beneficial in the civilian workforce. Leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and the ability to perform under pressure are just a few of the attributes that make ex-military personnel outstanding candidates. By focusing on these strengths, aims to shift the narrative and showcase the true potential of veteran hires. 

The Future of Looking ahead, continues to grow and adapt to the needs of its community. My vision is for the platform to be the UK’s chosen preferred platform for both employers and ex-military jobseekers, therefore offering not only a job board platform but also a comprehensive support system offering resources, advice, and community support to ease the transition for other veterans. 

Summary: I created with the hope of making a real difference in the lives of ex-military personnel. As someone who has walked the same path, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with transitioning to civilian life. Through, I aim to make that transition smoother and more successful for others. Thank you for being part of this journey. 

Your call to Action: Whether you're a veteran seeking your next career move or an employer looking to hire disciplined and skilled professionals, is here to help. Explore our resources and discover how we can support you – start your journey here

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